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This journal is friends only. Comment and I may add you.

*pokity poke poke* |<33p IVI3!11111111111!!!22


*giggles* I would never think about getting rid of you.

I mean, *919GL35* 1 w0UlD n3V3r Th1nk 0f 93++iNG RID OF J00


don't scare me like that.

not nice

Booya :) I'm still here x.x

i like your icon! how have you been i havent talked to you in ages!!

can you add me? i'm one heck of a yankees fan once the season starts


Ive heard from many people @ SFH about you, and I have seen you around smyleykylie's journal. Do you mind if I add you? Thanks. *hugs*


do you understand how hard it is to NOT hit the space bar???

guess who...without reading user info. come on.


CAAAAAT! Mwahahaha. *adds*

you seem cool.
and by reading your user info, it looks as if we have a lot in common.
add me? i like making new friends.

i also <3 the yankees! Add me?

OMG.. i absolutely LOVE the Yankees!! Im like a fan, year round- Jeter, definately my fav too! Lol. I could go on and on about this but i think ill spare everyones ears and all... sooo.. i guess its just nice to see another 16 year old Yankee fan out there!
Rock on


*waves* Awesome! Thanks for stopping by :)

+ Friend?
Any friend of Pennsic is hopefully a friend of mine. Except for the assholes who say my garb isn't period...
Sidenote, I actually know a 6 year old whose name is Derek Jeter. His name used to be Eliot Jeter, but when he was about 3 years old he decided that his name was Derek. One of the strangest and smartest little kids I know.

Actually, I'm pretty sure that my friend posted that comment. She goes onto my LJ to read entries and stuff, she doesn't have her own LJ. So... I really don't know what you're talking about.

And that's a really funny story xD

I'll still add you anyway, though, if you like *grin* Sorry about that.

hi. i am a huge yankees fan and i noticed you are too. you seem really cool from your info. i added you, add me back?

hey! love the layout of your LJ...very nice! big yankee/jeter fan here, too. add me to your friends if you wish...i've added you!


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