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This journal is friends only. Comment and I may add you.

*pokity poke poke* |<33p IVI3!11111111111!!!22


*giggles* I would never think about getting rid of you.

I mean, *919GL35* 1 w0UlD n3V3r Th1nk 0f 93++iNG RID OF J00


don't scare me like that.

not nice

Booya :) I'm still here x.x

i like your icon! how have you been i havent talked to you in ages!!

can you add me? i'm one heck of a yankees fan once the season starts


Ive heard from many people @ SFH about you, and I have seen you around smyleykylie's journal. Do you mind if I add you? Thanks. *hugs*


do you understand how hard it is to NOT hit the space bar???

guess who...without reading user info. come on.


CAAAAAT! Mwahahaha. *adds*

you seem cool.
and by reading your user info, it looks as if we have a lot in common.
add me? i like making new friends.

i also <3 the yankees! Add me?

OMG.. i absolutely LOVE the Yankees!! Im like a fan, year round- Jeter, definately my fav too! Lol. I could go on and on about this but i think ill spare everyones ears and all... sooo.. i guess its just nice to see another 16 year old Yankee fan out there!
Rock on


*waves* Awesome! Thanks for stopping by :)

+ Friend?
Any friend of Pennsic is hopefully a friend of mine. Except for the assholes who say my garb isn't period...
Sidenote, I actually know a 6 year old whose name is Derek Jeter. His name used to be Eliot Jeter, but when he was about 3 years old he decided that his name was Derek. One of the strangest and smartest little kids I know.

Actually, I'm pretty sure that my friend posted that comment. She goes onto my LJ to read entries and stuff, she doesn't have her own LJ. So... I really don't know what you're talking about.

And that's a really funny story xD

I'll still add you anyway, though, if you like *grin* Sorry about that.

hi. i am a huge yankees fan and i noticed you are too. you seem really cool from your info. i added you, add me back?

hey! love the layout of your LJ...very nice! big yankee/jeter fan here, too. add me to your friends if you wish...i've added you!

Hiya Jeet! =D I got a comment e-mailed to me from you about taking an icon I made, but I don't remember where you commented, so if you still do then you can. Wow. That was a long sentence. XP <3

Heyy, it's Haley. Hope you remember me =D Add?

Heyy there, I'm Ruth. Our mutual friend, crazyshell, recommended me to check you out! Some basic information about myself: I'm 15 and am from Southern California. I am a freshman in a classical high school where I take my studies seriously. I love to be loud, socialize, and have fun; yet I am still mature and responsible.

It seems like we share some of the same interests: love, boys, Italy, and the Yankees (HECKYES! for Derek Jeter).

I've added you, but if you aren't interested in any new LJ friends just let me know. :)

However, I hope to get to know you better!

~Ruth xoxo

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Hello =)

Can you add me...? I'm a big fan of the New York Yankees as well (it's an odd obsession, really, that I have with Derek Jeter/Alex Rodriguez/Jorge Posada, though x.x).

Thanks =)
(I love your friends only banner, by the way ;P).

(Deleted comment)
Added, bitch.

Can you add me back on your friends list again? Even if we don't talk anymore, I'd like to know what's going on with you.

please add me? lol thanks!!! <33

Dearest Tink,
would you accept this add...

or does it require another surprising at rider haha


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